Thursday, April 14, 2011

pass the chocolate!

2 weeks ago, i noticed my pants getting a little snug in the belly, i attributed it to minor medical situation and a few stressful issues i was dealing with, it will go away i figured.

then i cut back on coffee...big time, down to one cup a day and no cokes for caffeine boost. my blood pressure was a little elevated when i want to the DR last month...stress, yes, but i figured the major amounts of caffeine i was consuming wasnt helping. apparently that coffee was keeping my digestion going at a good speed.

last week, i had one pair of jeans that fit, and one that i was wearing using the old pregnancy trick of fastening your pants with a ponytailer. um, wow, i cant believe i just told you that, it WAS quite embarrassing when someone told me my zipper was down.

Ken said "just go get some new pants"

no, no i wont go buy new pants. instead i found a book at the library, a new arrival, the belly fat cure. i decided to read it through see what Jorge Cruise had to say. its pretty simple you try to eat no sugars (youre allowed 15 grams a day) and you eat 6 servings of healthy carbs per day (whole grains and such) it allows everything else (not to excess mind you). the book is SUPER easy to use and has great sections about how to exchange the stuff youre eating now to a healthier switch flour tortillas for corn tortillas (corn tortilla with melted cheese and a hard boiled egg is a great breakfast!)

the most difficult thing about it is staying away from sweet drinks (soda, juice, sweet tea) and not eating chocolate (thankfully i found a yummy sugar free peppermint patty at CoCoa Safari)

it seems to work pretty well! im not like...WOW, i just dropped 2 dress sizes in a week!! but i am impressed with how easy it is to stick with. im also glad that my pants fit again.


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