Monday, April 11, 2011

people pleaser

Galatians 1:10
Do you think that i am trying to make people accept me? No, God is the one i am trying to please. Am i trying to please people? If i still wanted to please people then i would not be a servant if Christ

i dont like to admit it, but I am a person who wants to please people, i feel the unrest if i think someone is mad at me or if i think they disagree with me, or if i think i offended them somehow.

i remind myself that they choose to be offended or that not everyone can agree with me all the time and that some people ( gasp) may not even LIKE me (i know, who would NOT like me).

as the school year draws to a close we have had numerous people ask us if Dominic will be going to the Christian Academy next year. the answer is no next year he will start first grade in public school. the next question is usually, is it because of the cost?
No its not because of the cost, its because as Christians we are called to a mission of going, and making disciples, and showing the love of Christ to people who are not believers.

its really difficult to live that mission when everyone you hang with is either already a believer or claims to be.

the asker today was someone i respect immensely and of course, someone i did not want to displease. i found this conversation really uncomfortable as she listened to my reasons of wanting dominic to realize that not everyone is like us, of wanting him to be able to have to opportunity to be a good example to others, of wanting him to be able to relate to all different kinds of kids, and to be there to show the love of Christ, she had that look on her face that i immediately read as disapproval (although i may be wrong, she may have been thinking and listening really closely). that made me nervous, it almost made me second guess my reasons.

then i realized that Ken and i have talked this over thoroughly, we feel like this is the best decision. and no matter how much i respect someone, i cant change my mind to please them, im not accountable to them. im accountable only to God.


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God doesn't make mistakes. If this is the path He chose for you then follow it and enable Dominic to be that example. He's a great kid!