Thursday, March 31, 2011

sweater make over

i came by this cute sweater for free at a church clothing exchange, i loved the color and the cute sleeves, but just wasnt too sure about the turtle neck

when i tried it on later i realized the turtle neck HAD to go, this sweater had too much going on with the turtle neck, puffed sleeves and ribbing on the lower half. i set about researching on the internet the best way to remove a turtle neck without too much damage. it seems the best way is to clip a little hole near the seam and separate the two layers of turtle neck, then carefully snip them away without damaging the finished edge between the layers, i can do that!!
i also saw that one lady had used the turtleneck to make a rosette. i can do that too!
ta da! the sweater, which is currently in the wash because i put it on on sunday morning, and then proceeded to spit toothpaste on myself, charming, i know.
but it does look super cute on, and Ken didnt even recognize it as the same sweater.


amber said...

So cute!

I am not a fan of turtle necks, so I think you made the right move!

Amanda Jo said...

GREAT JOB!!! I would have never thought to do that! You've inpsired me - Now I must go through my closet and try to re-work some stuff!!!

diana said...

you through me for a loop when i checked in on your blog and the bowl of beans was gone lol

Marci said...

nice job! Love the embellishment with the extra stuff! Such talent!

Holly said...

You did a BEAUTIFUL job on this shirt! I love the rosette you added! Your talents are so impressive!