Thursday, March 10, 2011

gas strike? really?

i have been seeing on face book all these posts for gas strike days. this really, really irritates me. this action makes no sense. its not like the oil companies are scared of one day with low gas sales, they know that the people who didnt fill up today are going to have to fill up tomorrow which will probably result in a nice big sales day. its just idiotic, i dont use that word alot, i dont say it because i dont want my son to say it but the idea of sticking it to the oil company by going one day without buying their product is just that, idiotic.

who thought of this? and how did they get so many people on their band wagon?

do you want to make a real difference on gas strike day?
go to your nearest gas station and hang out for a minute or two. someone who really cant afford the gas they need is going to drive up. take your cash or debit card and pay for their gas.

you cant stick it to the oil company but you can make someones day and show them love Jesus style.

are they going to think youre crazy? yeah, probably.
people thought Jesus was crazy.

are they going to refuse. probably not.


Mike Brown said...

Well said!

Amanda Jo said...

I love your idea!!! LOVE IT! What a great way to show the love of Christ!!!

Holly said...

Love this idea! You're a smart woman. :)

Vickie said...

I agree and think that's a great idea.