Wednesday, April 16, 2008

whos in charge here?

that'd be me, just call me head coach monica. our Team Kid head coach Todd will be having  therapy in AZ so from here on out, 3 TK weeks to go, im responsible!! im not stressing too much yet, maybe tomorrow (TK meeting day) . its a good thing theres alot of people to help me. the biggest stresser is our TK carnival is may 1 this is a big thing inflatables, pony rides, dunking booth, food, etc we are expecting about 300 kids!! is anyone from southwestern elementary not coming? so on thursday nite may 1, dont call me i will be tired, most likely sunburned and probably not a good conversationalist at that point. i will post pics so you can all see the craziness of this unique ministry which im so proud to be a part of.

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Anonymous said...

i know you'll do the program proud xommm