Saturday, January 23, 2010

The boy discovered that the old cd player he has in his room has a tape deck. 

i showed him where the old box of cassette tapes was and he set out to try out every tape in the box (except the ones i swiped due to inappropriate content; primus, social distortion and ben folds five).
Van Halen won a thumbs up ("its, like, just music, but deres people singing...dats rock and roll.") as did a sampling of the mighty, mighty bosstones ("dats what im talkin about.")
while roy buchanan  and keb'mo were not so well received and got the boot before they even had a chance. maybe he will grow into the blues.

D and Fatty hang out and sort through music together
D figures out just how you get this thing to play


Amanda Jo said...

First off, your kid is stinkin' AWESOME!

Second, one has to grow into a love of the blues. You've gotta go through stuff before you can appreciate that style.

Finally - YES! Let's wake up 30 minutes earlier together! I need the accountability!

Holly said...