Monday, February 22, 2010

confession time ; im the one.

im the one who puts the boy in the bath tub because i want him to leave me alone for 30 minutes.

im the one who spilled coffee ALL OVER the packing slips for the huge order i was working on today, but it didnt get on any of the clothes.

im the one who left only 2 pieces of chocolate in the candy dish on the desk at work.

im the one who left the clothes in the washer so long that they had to be re washed.

im the one who would rather sit and enjoy my book than get up and unlock the door when i hear keys rattling at the lock

im the one who used the last of the tissues and left the empty box sitting there on the table.

im the one who got irritated when i reached for a tissue and there were none left.

im the one who got mad when the coffee shop closed 10 minutes early because I couldnt get a latte (all about me ya know)

im the one who is humbled that despite all this and many many more selfish acts God holds me dear as his beloved daughter and he loves you just as much.


Jessica said...

I wanted to "like" that last comment...I'm on facebook too much. :)

Ken said...

I'm the one who feels blessed to have a godly woman who loves her husband despite all of my "quirks".

Holly said...

Great post.

Amanda Jo said...

Hey friend.... You know what they say - Great minds think alike!!! :D I totally didn't think you copied my blog post - I thought "Wow! Great timing! We blogged about similar stuff!!!"

This blog was great, thank you for your honesty!

Liz said...

Love love love your honesty here. :)

Leslie said...

I'm that one too often...I thank God for loving me no matter what and for giving me friends and family who put up with me!~

Shayla said...

I so love this post, because its not just you WE ALL have the same issue. Its so natural for us in this world to think about ourselves first, but luckily the Lord put US first BEFORE His own son. We are so blessed.

Great Post!!!!