Thursday, March 4, 2010

no time!

my mom is visiting me here in indiana this week. so i dont have much time but here are a couple of shots from my day at the beach with Tricia whom i visited with in Florida for 4 days.
we became blog friends almost 2 years ago then were able to meet a year ago when she came to visit family that she has in my area. go check it out, on her blog she shows how big of a nerd i am that i spent the whole week reading, eating and crafting in the same sweatshirt. as the week wore on Tricia prompted me to shed the Madison hoodie and buy a new jacket.

one request of my visit was that we go to the beach which as you see we did even though the high for the day was 68 and the water numbed my toes.
today mom and i will be heading to Ikea. yay!


Jessica said...

I'm still glad I got to meet you!

Have fun at Ikea! I'm dying to go again & starting tomorrow they have $1 Swedish meatball platters - two of my my favorite things, shopping & food!

Holly said...

Great photos! You looked cute in your Madison sweatshirt, so I think it's okay you wore it every day! :)