Saturday, March 27, 2010


last month when i went to Florida to visit Tricia i forgot a couple pieces of jewelry there. this morning when i opened the mail was a little package from Tricia and i joked to Ken that she probably spent more to send it back to me than i paid for it. i was delighted and surprised to also find this little nest pin, pinned to a Happy Resurrection Day card! i love it! i put it on immediately.

in other news: the flowering shrub in the yard has bloomed a brilliant yellow, Dominic is dazzled by the color and jumped at the suggestion that we cut a few branches off and put them in a vase.
"in my room?" he asked. of course!


Marci said...

That flowering shrub of yours is probably a forsythia bush hehe. Now you have a snow meter you can watch for!

Love that pin!

Holly said...

That pin is absolutely adorable! I LOVE it!

Holly said...

I just have to say again how much I like your pin. Every time I stop by here, it makes me smile. :)