Sunday, March 7, 2010

from the last week

some shots from my trip to florida.

sweet Kate tries her hand at the piano.
Addison loves cafe au lait, but politely asked Mommy before she took a drink.

Megan, the most famous cook i know! making lunch for us, apple pancakes, YUM!
Tricia, Megan and Sara internet shopping and snacking before lunch, they may have found the perfect affordable knot front dress.
and finally! in my last hours in florida, i got to meet Sara.

and here he is! riding his big boy bike that he saved up his money to buy. i made him a deal that if he saved half, daddy and i would pay the other half. guess what his favorite color is.


Rusty x said...

ah what a brilliant bike, I hope he has lots of fun on it!

Rusty -x-

Holly said...

What beautiful ladies you visited in Florida!

Yay for your little guy and his bike! How exciting!