Thursday, March 18, 2010

excellent amazing discovery

Honestly, why would you put berber carpet over this?

this morning when i was vacuuming i noticed how grody my carpet was looking by the door, all dingy and matted, (pause for , EEEWWWWW) this led to me wondering how bad the floor under the carpet was.

one of our bedrooms is un carpeted and all of the closets have wood floors so i strongly suspected there were wood floors under the berber, what has kept me from ripping up all the carpets is fear of the unknown. how bad will they be? are they all water stained and nasty? had Fido used them as a potty?

curiousity got the best of me this morning and i decided that by the door would be the perfect place to pull up a corner and check out the situation.

WOW!! im was encouraged, so encouraged in fact that Fun Monica said "Lets tear out the whole living room!" but Responsible Monica answered " you cannot move the piano alone, remember you tried"
FM "we could cut around the piano"
RM "no, just wait until you can get your big strong tiger of a husband to help you"

so it will remain, for today just that little square by the door, but i do need to figure out the best way to get that strip of nails around the edges off. any ideas?


Amanda Jo said...

I can't help with the tack strip but can I just say how excited I am that you've got such beautiful hardwoods under that carpet!!! I'm just a wee bit jealous!!! Take before and after photos!

Andy said...

There is something called a "drywall tool" - looks like a heavy duty scrapper. You can tap it under the tack strip with a hammer and pry the tack strip out.

Best bet for getting any staples out is a good pair of needlenose pliers.

And don't forget the safety glasses :)

Tricia said...

What Andy said.
Those floors are GORGEOUS!

diana said...


Holly said...

Yay for your beautiful floors! I find it interesting how people used to cover those up and now everyone is uncovering them!