Thursday, April 1, 2010

clothes line time!!!!

and on this glorious spring day i shall tell you a story of a promise, blessings and clean laundry.

its where i worship God. my hands are aready raised to the sky and the items that im hanging are, if not literally then a symbol of all the things im thankful for. the little plaid PJs remind me that im so thankful for a warm, safe place for my son to sleep. The Ken work shirts flapping in the breeze say that we are so blessed by his job at The Madison Courier. the little khakis and polos, what a wonderful school the boy goes to where all the teachers know ALL the kids, and ALL their families. the dish towels and table cloths. the sheets. the tee shirts.

a long time ago, when Ken and i started talking about what we wanted when we bought a house, I said a clothes line. to this request God gave me an instant "yes". although it was about another 6 years until we bought a house, i had known all that time that i would have a clothes line.


Amanda Jo said...

Beautifully written! Isn't the Lord so good to us??

Holly said...

LOVE this post!

One of our outdoor projects this spring is to get my clothesline set up - I can hardly wait! :)