Saturday, April 3, 2010

extra apples? try this

Meg's baked apple pancake. we came into a bounty of apples and oranges yesterday so this morning, in the true spirit of Meg-ness, i was thinking about food before i even got out of bed.

The boy loved the idea of a big apple pancake. my plans were almost dashed in that i couldnt find the recipe on Megan's blog (i was searching apple pancake, apparently i had to search BAKED apple pancake) but never fear Google is here!!!! i googled Meg's apple pancake and, voila!!

it was good, but not as good as Meg's, i think i needed a cast iron skillet to make it as good as hers. never the less, it was yummy and we all enjoyed something a little different for breakfast.


Marci said...

ummm yum!

Holly said...

Looks delicious!

LOVE the new layout! Your header shot is absolutely wonderful!

Amanda Jo said...

I'm with Holly!!!! The new layout, header and baked apple pancake - they all look WONDERFUL!!!!

Megan said...

Monica, there is an alphabetical recipe index at the top of my site ;)

Megan said...

oops, would help if the link worked: