Thursday, April 22, 2010

the flowers are out!

many times i have expressed to friends and family how grateful i am that the old lady that lived here before me LOVED perrenials. all around my house there are poppies, irises, roses, lillies and a peony bush!!
since i am not too good at growing things, i will refrain from showing you the sad, lame little plants that i am trying to grow. things were going pretty good until The Boy, seeing candy on the kitchen counter decided to make the climb. and the basil took a dive onto the kitchen floor. theyre still alive but not growing as heartily as before.

and then theres this, that i crafted for Rachel's after prom party. we both agreed that she would be tired of the fancy dress and cute (read: painful) shoes by late evening and would definitely want to change her clothes. we decided this would still convey the festive mood but in a much more comfortable way.


amber said...

Those flowers are beautiful!!

Rae's Random Ramblings said...

First off LOVE the flowers, second LOVE the shirt. SO CUTE :) everyone will be envious :) love ya

Marci said...

ooooh split those irises for me in the fall! Need some bulbs!

Holly said...

GORGEOUS flowers! I have to figure out what I want to do around here this spring!

Cute shirt!

Leslie said...

cute craft! Do you have pics of her wearing it?