Thursday, April 15, 2010

food driven: BYO

over the last month or so since my shocking realization that im food driven (what, no not you monica, youre not food driven) i have begun to notice my attitude toward food is alot different than people who are say, not food driven. i find that alot of my conversation take a turn down the food trail. i bond with other people who love good food. i get very cranky when i dont get food at least every 4 hours. looking forward to food is one of my favorite things to dwell on (biscuits and gravy anyone?) (great, now i want biscuits and gravy). i like to try small little helpings of everything on the church pot luck table (except jello with veggies in it) so without further delay:
here are Monicas rules to a happy food driven existance:

#1 make sure theres food wherever you go. if you arent sure if theres food there or you think it may take more than an hour to get around to the food, be on the safe side, take your own.

#2 make sure that if theres going to be food there, that its going to be good food (small sandwiches, veggie platter, cheese, brownies...etc), if youre not sure if its going to be good food, be on the safe side, take your own.(short bread cookies and punch do not constitute food)

#3 if youre going to be gone from the house for more than 3 hours MAX plan in advance where you will obtain food by researching and mapping out possible restaurants. otherwise, just to be on the safe side...take your own

sub category to rules to a happy food driven existance: what food to take.
since i know not everyone is experienced in taking your own food, i have some suggestions.

crackers. if you saw my bag post you saw that i have a half eaten sleeve of crackers, they are whole wheat crackers, because fiber is good. Crackers are cheap, this particular box was 1.29 at Aldi.

apples. just dont bang your bag around too much.

almonds. good tasting and good to share if you have a cranky friend whom you suspect may be hungry but just doesnt know it yet.

teddy grahams. no explaination necessary, also good for bribing kids of all ages.

raisins. not my first choice but can handle ALOT of abuse so they keep in your bag for a LONG time.

also i would reccomend hording dumdums and sonic mints just in case, because you never know.


Rae's Random Ramblings said...

I am food driven too. i love food... hahah. we always get on the topic of food, every week

Anonymous said...

or if u can't trust yourself with the task of always having food on your person( like that could happen here) choose a friend who u can entrust that responsibility to, mine is laurie trainor.

Leslie said...

food...yum...'nough said!