Friday, April 9, 2010

who loves coupons!?

ME!!! i love coupons, good coupons that is.

this week i totally scored with the coupons.

3 bucks off diapers for a baby shower gift!! 3 bucks! why didnt they have coupons like that when i bought diapers regularly??

BOGO, coffee, cereal, and kleenexes, my morning is covered.

used my CVS buck, used the 4 bucks off any 20 dollar purchase coupon and left having spent 19.72

recap: 2 cans of coffee
2 boxes of cheerios
2 boxes of kleenex
2 cans of green beans
1 jumbo huggies
1 CVS wipes

i also got a free oral b tooth brush, yay! three cheers for good oral hygeine. but that was at walmart.

dang it! i JUST remembered that i had a 5 dollar walmart card in my wallet, oh well, theres always next week.

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