Wednesday, April 7, 2010

just when you thik its safe

youre doing good, "living right" , holding your tongue, not gossipping, serving like you should be, meditating on the word, listening for Gods voice. ahhhh, sweet victory, right?

aaarrrgghhh, theres the enemy, sneaking up, catching you where you werent expecting it...

Devil: are you really a good parent?

Me: of course i am

Devil: dont you think it was a little over indulgent to get Dominic 2 pairs of summer shoes? did he really need the Iron Man flip flops?

Me: wellll, maybe it was......(heres where i start to doubt myself)

Devil: its ok, just make some excuses, say he was really good while you were out, oh, dont forget how well he memorized his scripture for school, you didnt even help him on that, shame on you.

yes, my friends hes trying to use scripture memorization against me, i almost fell for it.

until i realized how crappy i was feeling today without good reason, and the reasons i thought of were all invalid.

Jesus Christ didnt die for my sins so i could listen to the enemy. This is me refusing to live in defeat.