Wednesday, February 10, 2010


lots of this going on. there about 7 inches now compared to the 2 or so when i took these on saturday. its day 2 of no school. im sure they will go back tomorrow, unless it starts snowing again.

i also want to add that Ken is the best driveway shoveler, he cleans the whole driveway all the way into the street so theres no "ice bump" at the end of the driveway to maneuver over, he salts the whole driveway so there no snow or ice left. i am not so meticulous when i have to clean the driveway, i only do as much as i have to, which makes it a little treacherous when it freezes solid. im just glad we have a short driveway.


Holly said...

Looks like your little guy is having a great time!

CM said...
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Marci said...

We have about 20 inches on the ground! So glad for neighbors who love us and come over with a snow blower without being asked!