Sunday, February 7, 2010

just for funzies

and because i promised a blog posting every other day, i decided that since not much went on around here yesterday or today, i would go to the folder where i keep all my blog pics and post the seventh picture, whatever it may be.

last fathers day, since none of us girls have much extra green we decided (well, i did, and since im the oldest they have to agree, right?) to give dad a nice picture.

we nominated my BIL Sean to be the shutter-man and we arranged ourselves for a nice picture, and then found out that its not easy to get all of us with our eyes open and not either laughing or trying not  to laugh. this shot happens to be one of the "out-takes".


Renee said...

For an outtake its pretty good! I think the idea to take a nice picture was a good one. But then i love pictures! Its probably the momma in me ;)

diana said...

you should figure how to photo shop david and stella in the empty spot between u and katie:)