Thursday, April 12, 2012

my goals

theyre not lofty goals, but they are a start.

every day i pick one thing to accomplish. thats it, just one thing.

the fact that i havent done a good clean, cleaning on the house in about a year (ever since the morning sickness started) was really bumming me out and i was so overwhelmed that i didnt know where to start.
so this week i have picked just one easy task per day and done it
Monday: sort through and pack up out grown baby clothes
Tuesday: vacuum all of the cob webs out of the corners (i didnt make it to my bedroom, the baby woke up)
Wednesday: dust the book shelves (which included taking all books off. i left Kens book shelf alone), piano, entertainment center and all picture frames on the walls.
today: clean out the refrigerator.
tomorrow: clean, dust, vacuum, behind and under all of my bedroom furniture.

it may be slow going but it will eventually get done. and i wont feel like i sat on mu bum all day and done nothing.


Amanda Jo said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! I know you can do it!!!!

diana bluml said...

hugs i know how hard it is for you to attend to domestic projects.

Marci said...

This is my life. I moved it up to a room a day to clean and some breaks in between :)