Saturday, April 21, 2012


as in growing my hair back. so here a few pictures of my hair, pay no attention to whats happening in the picture...just focus on me, on my hair.


this is a few weeks ago, with my hair just entering the ackward stage. fortunately, i have my friend whitney, who is a wonderful stylist and loves cutting curly hair, on my side.

this is about where i had been keeping it lengthwise, for about the last 2 years, sadly, this head band died and went to headband heaven, i still miss it. it was the best headband ever.
this one was taken about 4 months before they stopped making my favorite hair product, prompting me to start cutting (sure showed them, didnt i?).

in my plan, by this time next year, i should be well on my way to this length again.
but its so hard NOT to cut!!!!!
patience is a virtue, right?


Ken said...

Beautiful at any hair length.

Anonymous said...

i heard your parents like it long


So Happy!