Thursday, August 27, 2009

whatever, i'll do what i want!

this was my breakfast, yum, nachos!

then i decided to paint my bedroom, until today, all 4 walls were white. i painted one wall. it took all of one hour, but its something you just cant do with a kid around.

the paint smell brought back to me the first time i recall ever having smelled latex paint, i was about 9, we were helping my dad's friend paint the new cabin he had bought it was about 15 minutes from the town of Independence, IA on the Wapsi river. i know how far it was to town because my step mom LOVES to tell the story of a certain 9 year old girl that flat out REFUSED to pee in the woods. Dad had to drive me in to town so i could use the bathroom.

the really cool thing about the cabin was that in the bedroom, the cabin had been built around a tree, so there was a BIG tree growing right up through the corner of the room.
the color that i painted my wall was tropical coral by glidden, it was a free sample quart. go and see it, because this picture, nothing like the real color.


Amanda Jo said...

What a fun color!!! Love it!

amber said...

I love the color. I think it looks fabulous!

Holly said...

I LOVE that you had nachos for breakfast! The Tropical Coral is great!

Liz said...

Well I LOVE that paint shade. So cheerful and warm, especially for fall and winter.