Friday, August 21, 2009

work it

i been working my boohiney off! and apparently i smell like it.

i was faced this morning with a slightly embarrassing predicament. 

after doing physical labor yesterday in the super hot and stuffy loft area of our shop i was HOT and SWEATY and apparently very, very stinky. when i got to work this morning a co worker, bless her heart, had put an antiperspirant/deoderant near the place where i store my purse. i saw it and thought, certainly she didnt bring that for me. how embarrassing to smell so bad that my co workers try to help me. so i had to decide what i would do.

should i 

A) ignore it

B) use it

C) explain my allergy, and humbly apologize for my BO, telling her the horrors of stopping up your sweat glands with toxins not intended to be in constant contact with the human body.

i went with C it seemed like the least embarrassing choice. i spared her the crazy rant about toxins but did let her in on the fact that for years i did not know why i had bumps and rashes in my pits (her daughter has this very problem) but when they went away shortly after ceasing to use anti persperant i made the connection pretty quickly.

i read up on some pit stink home remedies and HOPE i can fix my stinky pits, for my co workers' sake.

all i can say is "sorry guys"


DailyNewsie said...

I have known you for five years now and never knew that you don't wear anti-perspirant. I have a fairly sensitive nose (and stomach) for that sort of thing, so obviously you don't smell that bad. Kudos to you for handling the situation in a calm, mature manner -- I might have been tempted to force-feed someone the stick of Secret. :)

Holly said...

I hope you find a home remedy that works for you!

your mother-in-law said...

You are full of grace Monica!! I'm with Rachel--I would help her feed the stick of Secret to your rude work buddy. I think you always smell wonderful!!!!!

Amanda Jo said...

I'm totally with DailyNewsie!!! In the interest of full disclosure, I have to use the mama-jama deoderants cause i sweat like a man! :)

hilltopper said...

i do want to add that this co worker has always been a good friend to me and she did this with only the best of intentions.

Marci said...

Nothing like the kid in HS who smelled like chicken noodle soup when he sweated...Even then I was kind :) Nice of her to give a subtle hint though...

Leslie said...

LOL...what a day that must have been! Just so you know...I've never noticed you to be stinky and I have a very sensitive nose! :)