Sunday, August 16, 2009

wonderfully boring!!!

life has been so wonderfully boring for the last few days, i did some house work (hate) and went to a church pot luck (love) and just bummed around a little.

this i where i sing the praises of not having cable.

if we had cable i would not have laid in bed yesterday afternoon for an hour reading while the boy played  in his room and ran in occasionally to show me how cool Optimus Prime is when he changes into a truck.

i would not have sat out on the front and chatted on the phone with my MIL.

i would not have decided to make red potato salad for my dinner tonight (you gotta let that stuff chill overnight).

i would have watched whatever was on, whather i wanted to or not, because thats what i do when i have cable.

1 comment:

Holly said...

Sounds like a great couple of days!