Tuesday, August 18, 2009

what would you eat?

lunch bag battle has begun.
the last 2 days the main player of the lunch bag has returned home with 2 bites taken out of it, i guess sandwiches just arent fun enough to warrant The Boy's attention i need a good alternative to a sandwich, it has to be something that is healthy, but not so healthy that its kryptonite to a 4 yr old. he will not eat: 

apples that have brown on them
raw broccoli
ranch dressing
broken crackers
egg salad, chicken salad or any other mayo based salad
swiss cheese
whole grain bread
any kind of nut
bagel chips
hard boiled eggs

he sometimes will eat:

baby carrots
plain crackers

if i left the kid to his own devices he would pack nothing but nutri-grain bars and string cheese, however i dont think that would stave off the hungries for very long.
HELP me my friends, i need a new star for my kid's lunch, since the sandwich is old news.


Holly said...

I don't blame your little guy - I hate sandwiches, too. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a solution. Let me know if you find one! Good luck! :)

DailyNewsie said...

What about "ants on a log"? It's a piece of celery filled with peanut butter, and then you put the raisins on top of the peanut butter so they look like ants. Or does the "no nuts" rule extend to PB as well?

diana said...

have u tried cookie cutter shapes of butter & cheese sandwhiches? or instead of crackers how about cheerios. orange slices instead of apples. xoxo

amber said...

I'm not a fan of sandwiches either, but cutting them into shapes is a good idea.

I hope you find something that will work!!

Leslie said...

Okay, I've actually got a couple of bread tubes so that you can have shaped bread...you can borrow if you'd like!
But, have you tried mini bagels? They have cinnamon and plain and strawberry...you could use those to make sandwiches.
Also, how about making your own "lunchables"...give him a stack of crackers, some cheese, some meat, and then when at school, he can stack them into his own sandwiches. This way, he's eating and he's playing! :)