Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seans Day

my brother in law, sean, doesnt ever ask much, hes pretty content to follow my sister around wherever she decides they will go. this is their week of vacation, visiting us in madison. on the way here, sean spotted a billboard for the louisville slugger factory and museum since he makes minimal requests, we indulged him in that we not only went to the louisville slugger factory but also ate lunch at white castle. we all have the gas to prove it.

my sisters in the elevator.
sean's first and last stop was the batting cage, 10 balls for a dollar. i decided to give it a try, i did pretty well, i hit 8 balls out of 10 but i think i strained my wii baseball injury from last week.
the boy got tired on the walk back from white castle. uncle sean piggy backed him a couple of blocks.
it was a pretty neat trip, they give you a tour through the factory and show you how they make different models of bats for different MLB players. and then they give you a mini bat to take home both of the boys loved that (my nephew is 1 1/2) .

tomorrows adventure is a cincinnatti reds game. and skyline chili!


amber said...

looks like lots of fun!

Jessica said...

That's love right there!

I've actually never been to White Castle (we don't have them here), I've only ever tried the frozen variety when visiting my grandparents in KY. I do like some Skyline Chili once in awhile though - my brother worked at them for years!!! We have some here now, but they aren't as good as the ones in your area.

Ms. Math said...

Sounds like a fun-filled day! I'm impressed with your 8 out of 10 hits - I would consider myself lucky if I hit 1.

Amanda Jo said...

That sounds like a great day!!!! I would love to visit the Louisville Slugger factory! We're a BIG TIME baseball family!!