Sunday, May 24, 2009

is it too much to ask?

D has been asking about the pool ever since we let him start wearing shorts. the pool opens in a week.

heres the problem, i need a swimming suit. i just dont feel like its appropriate for the pastors wife to be parading around the public pool in a bikini, nor do i like being gawked at by 40 year old bald guys which is inevitable when you have all your groceries out there for the world to see.

i need a modest swimming suit. it has become apparent to me that manufacturers and retailers assume unless you wear a 16 or bigger you must want your groceries out for the world to see, i dont. i also dont want to look like a grandma. the one suit i found that fit like a dream and had a reasonable price was the most HIDEOUS print i have EVER seen, i looked like a 1970's couch, with its brown and rust floral design.

so is it too much to ask for support, full coverage and a reasonable price?

i guess so.


Kelly said...

might sound a little crazy, but try the maternity section and just buy smaller. They are nice and modest and not too $$$.

Tricia said...

Go to Amazon and search for one piece bathing suits. They have some cute ones there. Lands End makes modest ones too and Sears even carries a few.

Leslie said...

I dread bathing suit shopping, but actually saw one while grabbing a pair of summery jammies at Wally World the other day and since I was in an okay mood, I tried it on (won't even bother to try on a suit if I'm tired or cranky!)...was astonished that it fit, looked pretty good and had great coverage! Plus, I it was $30...never expected to look for or find a suit there, but there ya go! :)

Ms. Math said...

I've always wondered who is in charge of women's clothing. They're doing a horrible job.

I wish you the best of luck on this endeavor!

Jessica said...

I totally hear you! Lands End can be the place to look, although even that can be more than I like to spend.

Amanda Jo said...

Friend, it's no different for the girls who wear a 16 and up - that is unless you want to wear a circus tent into the pool. I've had some great luck at Land's End but be prepared to pay about $60 for a good suit.

I hope you find a great one soon!