Sunday, May 3, 2009

giddy in geekland

raise your hand if you love superhero movies!!  geek.

we got the opportunity to let our geekiness roam free on friday evening at the x-men origins Wolverine movie!!!

we dumped the boy off at Grandma Rocky's in indy and went to the first real movie since my sons birth 3.5 yrs ago, in a real theater (not stickyfloor cinema aka  great escapes on the hilltop in madison) the kind with the stadium seating, and the smell of popcorn and nachos, and opening night comic book geeks who are dying to see any story and creation Stan Lee can come up with.

in line getting our 40 dollar soda, the geek twins were in front of us getting their nachos and jr mints (eww, right?) and they were so excited, i was giddy,  this particular brand of geek does not make his (or her) home in madison, IN. i loved seeing these uber nerds so happy! it made me so happy, that i had to wonder if we were indeed cut from the same pocket protected cloth.

the icing on the cake came when a guy in an indiana jones style hat, who actually reminded me a bit of my friend's husband (ahh, now youre wondering, who it is arent you?) sat right next to me and texted his friend 4 seats away that he was turning off his phone (ok embellishment, but he texted someone) and tried , fairly successfully to NOT touch me, my seat or anything that was mine by virtually hugging the opposite arm rest. i guess im an intimidating geek queen. or a geek intimidating queen.

anyway, im not going to give you a full on review, we had a geektacular time, just go see the movie. 


Marci said...

Maybe you didn't smell geeky enough and he had to sit further away. I heard it was a good movie, is it so? Because if you liked it I will! I just assume the geeky guy looked like mu husband, but I could be wrong here LOL!

amber said...

I'm glad you had a good time!!

Ms. Math said...

LOL - You're too funny! Glad to hear you had a wonderful time! :)