Thursday, April 30, 2009

ten truths

amber tagged all her readers for ten truths about them...

i like animals, i dont like taking care of pets.

yesterday, over 80 percent of what i consumed was loaded with sugar and/or caffine

one of my favorite things to get as a gift is an itunes gift card

i cant stand the way a microfiber cleaning cloth feels, but i love how it traps dust

i love side walk chalking on my black asphalt driveway

i could truly eat mashed potatoes and gravy EVERY DAY, probably for breakfast.

my closets need cleaned out and organized in the worst way, but im so not motivated to do it.

melon is my favorite crayon color

i will eat a cookie off the floor, if noone is watching.

i dont like shopping in grocery stores i have never been to.


Kelly said...

I am right with you on eating mashed potatoes each day. (we hardly have them though)

I also don't enjoy unfamiliar groceries.

As for eating off the floor...5 second rule...right? My husband tells me this is what builds the immune system. ;)

amber said...

yay!! You did it.

Yours were fun to read.

I love iTunes gift cards as well.
I totally agree with you on the grocery store thing.

I cannot eat mashed potatoes every day anymore.
I had oral surgery and that is pretty much all I could eat for two weeks. Trust me, you get tired of 'em quickly. ☺

diana said...

i totally agree with you on the microfiber cleaning cloths i wear plastic gloves when i use them

Amanda Jo said...

Great post!!! I also like to shop at grocery stores I've never been to!!

Marci said...

Microfiber *shudder* yes I hate how they trap my hand skin as well as the dust...

Ms. Math said...

I'm so glad you did this tag! I love reading tidbits about fellow bloggers.

I don't hesitate to eat things off the floor as long as the floor is somewhat clean. I don't even care if anyone is watching. :) Sidewalk chalk is fun, but chalk is the one thing I cannot stand the feel of - yuck!