Monday, April 20, 2009

what i did on my easter vacation...

got D a police lego set, i put it together, he played with my finished models.

 antiquing with mom i tried on these stylin' glasses

found this awesome old fan but didnt trust the existing cord enoughto buy it , i know i could have it rewired, but lets face it, i wouldnt get around to it.

went to the Grout museum of iowa history. they have a huge new addition dedicated to vets of  wars from the civil war to the present situation in Iraq.

factoid: the 5 sullivan brothers, stationed on the same ship during ww2 and all 5 killed in an attack on the ship were from waterloo ia. the attack on the USS Juneau resulting in their deaths and another family of 4 brothers (not from waterloo) was the reason for the passing of a bill not allowing all siblings from one family to be stationed in the same military unit.


Tricia said...

Love the fan. The glasses, not so much.

niki said...

wow i cant believe i found you after all this time!!i hope you remember me,im niki from texas.we used to hang out in north richland hills.i think your little sister was only like 3 or 4 at the time.then you moved back to iowa:( and we kept in touch for awhile.we used to mix nail polish and make all those cool colors!! please email me asap its

Ms. Math said...

I LOVE the glasses - you look so adorable! :)