Tuesday, April 28, 2009

its a little strange

normally my work clothes consist of jeans and a tee or polo, last week i decided i have alot of clothes that i rarely wear and i should wear them. today, since i knew i would be working in the office (as opposed to the "shop" IE staying clean and ladyish) i should wear a skirt.

my friends, co workers are glancing at me out of the corner of their eye and seem afraid to say anything, like i have a disease noone wants to talk about. how odd. only one person has mentioned it.

an interesting social experiment if nothing else. 


diana said...


Tricia said...

You're much too cute to be wearing jeans and t's all the time. Go with the skirt! Thats what I wore today too.

hilltopper said...

must be because we rock!

Marci said...

You would look at me weird if I did that too, admit it!