Saturday, April 4, 2009

birthday surprise!!! today only.

nows your chance!!just leave a comment, tell me your best birthday present ever, your worst birthady ever or what you got for your birthday last year and you will be entered in the my blog birthday drawing . 

the prize is a surprise, after all, that is what birthdays are all about. in following hilltopper tradition, there will be candy included.
i will pick a winner tomorrow morning.

5 comments: said...

Well, as long as there's candy involved... :)

Two are tied for best present ever:

1. Last year Matthew drove me from Orlando to Carrollton so he could meet my grandparents and then we spent my actual birthday exploring Madison (he loved it!)

2. Two years before that my parents bought me my very own camera - a Canon Powershot A620, which got me into practicing (and later, becoming obsessed with) photography :)


diana said...

i have had 3 best birthday's EVER my 24th my 50th and my 60th they were all surprize party's thrown by girlfriends. HAPPY BLOG B_DAY

Tricia said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!
My best birthday was my 40th. Brewier took me away to Long Boat Key for the weekend. Then when I arrived home there was a big surprise party awaiting me. He had given my friend Sarah a BIG wad of cash and had her decorate and arrange everything It was fabulous.

Ms. Math said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful blog! I absolutely love coming here! I'm looking forward to another year!

Marci said...

shoot I missed it!