Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my birthday... (a shameless solicitation for goodies)

 It isnt until thursday, but all my best buds and family members know i will be leaving town on thursday morning to spend a long weekend with the Thompsons in Ohio. 

so what does a family member or best bud do when you will be gone on your birthday?

they bring you, send you or make you your gift or cake early!

thanks family and best buds! and FYI i will still be in town tomorrow so if you want to get in on the B-Day action, bring it on. :o)


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Monica!!!
will you be in my part of OH? :)
if not, we are hoping to come to IN real soon. I will let you know exactly when.

DailyNewsie said...

Happy birthday! You won't be surprised at all to hear that our card will be late, but rest assured that it does exist and will be on its way tomorrow. :)

amber said...

Happy birthday!!!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and a great trip!

Anonymous said...


hilltopper said...

WHAT!!!??? im just trying to milk my birthday for all its worth!

im hoping for cupcakes! C'Mon!

Leslie said...

LOL! What??? The cheesecake wasn't enough??? ;-P

hilltopper said...

leslie! you were the best bud!i gave you props, just not by name.

Anonymous said...


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