Wednesday, July 8, 2009

in hiding

does it seem like ive been in hiding? i know i havent posted in a week!!!

but i do have a little story to tell you.

 Maelle (age 3):are we going to eat at the pool?
 (as we are walking to the pool, dominic and maelle being pulled in a red wagon)
Mom: yes, we are
Maelle: we going to the pool?
Mom: yes
Maelle: Dominic, we are going to eat at the pool.
Maelle: are we going to eat at the pool?
Mom: yes, thats where we are headed.
Maelle: ok, we going to eat at the pool?

you get the idea. as i was pondering this exchange 2 days later i realized something, i do this, not to my mom, to God. 
i ask, i get an answer, i ask, same answer, i tell someone, i ask again, SAME ANSWER!

why do i do that? why did Maelle do it? she wanted to make sure the answer was the same i guess or maybe make sure she understood the plan correctly. i guess thats why i do it.

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diana said...

great story, great anallagie (excuse the spelling)