Tuesday, July 14, 2009

obligatory post

this week i:

went to the jefferson county 4-h fair twice ( sans camera, its big, its bulky, it doesnt do well on rides)
conquered the laundry mountain (took me almost an hour to fold all those clothes!)
finished book #6 for the summer reading program (the Notebook, i expected it to be better since they made it into a movie)
ate at cracker barrell ( chicken tenders and fried apples)
scored big on some pants at Banana Republic outlet (7 bucks!!)
ordered The Boy's school uniform shirts (1 navy, 2 red, 2 lt blue)
watched Evan Almighty (good stuff, the character development was somewhat lacking but it was worth my rental fee)
went to walmart no less than 3 times (no comment, i think the pump the air full of  "forget it" gas so you HAVE to keep going back)

i know sounds like TOO much fun right? well it was.


Ken said...

I liked having you at my side at the fair WAY more than my camera.

diana said...

i also wasted my time on the notebook and now have the movie on my list at netflix. have you read the shack yet? i'm still trying to get to it

Holly said...

Sounds like you've been a busy bee! I'm hungry for Cracker Barrell now - I love their fried apples!