Thursday, July 23, 2009

the award

lat month i accepted a ten scraps award from amanda, i promised her that i would give the required ten scraps of information later in the week... i never did.
so without further ado, from the worst blog friend ever (heres where you protest)
my ten scraps

1. i was disappointed the first time i visited the Alamo, i thought it would be bigger.

2. at one point in my teen years, i had "mall hair"

3. my middle name i Doris, my grandma's first name.

4. i love vintage coutume jewelry.

5. i dont get the hype of new years eve.

6. i lived in a trailer for almost 2 years.

7. i reuse my water bottles.

8. i hate playing Monopoly.

9. if i could give my dad an expensive gift it would be a classic car. my mom would get a vacation house.

10. i would rather have a home made birthday cake than a store bought.

im suppose to tag some people, i think, ok, i didnt go back and read the rules, that was a month or so ago but since i think i only have like, maybe 6 readers, youre all tagged.


amber said...

You are not a bad blog friend!

How's that?!

Amanda Jo said...

You're not a bad blog friend!!! Girl, you've got a life outside of your blog- no worries!!

By the way, you crack me up!!! Thanks for the laughs!!! Oh, and I'm totally with you on the New Years thing. Big whoop.

Holly said...

You're definitely not a bad blog friend! Don't be silly!

I don't understand the hype of New Year's Eve either. I've never really considered it a holiday.

Tricia said...

My grandmas name is Doris too.