Thursday, June 4, 2009

i am!

oh! i am a lazy blogger! whats wrong with me?

ok lets see this week i have...

fought the good fight with my sugar ant debacle.

told myself countless times that i gotta get moving on this fathers day gift.

sewed a shirt. minor alterations needed pic to come.

vaccummed and done dishes every day. (part of fighting the ants)

drank about 40 cups of coffee.

played link-up tag with the sunday school kids.

trimmed up my hair.

put off folding clothes.

perused a couple of  country living magazines.

facebooked. (x6)

explained why we DO NOT try to pull a tape out of the vcr. (we still have one, can you believe it?)

worked on figuring out how to post a video until i dropped a wire behind the shelf, its still there, probably will be for a while.

so as you can see while i have been a lazy blogger i claim to have good reason for it.


amber said...

You've been busy!

diana said...

i love my vcr and face book:) and i'm glad my vacumn died:)

Heather said...

I've been a lazy blogger too. It sounds like you've been doing some other fun things though. I love Country Living magazine.

Ms. Math said...

We'll excuse your absence since you've been working so hard this week! Of course, that doesn't mean you weren't missed!

diana said...

want to see the new book case