Tuesday, June 16, 2009

randomania, randomaina (sing like perry coma, on animaniacs)

** i just got started on the summer reading program at our local library, read 6 books by july 18 and get in the grand prize drawing (finally a material gain for all this intellect building), read 4 for a free movie pass (so you can say "the book was better"?) read 2 and get a free book (i guess theyre trying to encourage you to read more by giving you a book). im so getting in that grand prize drawing.

** its raining, my garage smells like the back room of an antique store, i will neither confirm nor deny that there is a leak in the garage roof.

**i have washed all my laundry and now have a mountain to fold, not my favorite job.

**im going to bed on time tonight, i havent been in bed until 11 recently and its not good for family morale when mama doesnt get enough sleep.

**who has gone to see the movie UP ? how was it?

ok must go now! i just saw lightning!


Heather said...

Your library gives away cool stuff. Mine does not do anything cool.

Holly said...

What is the grand prize?!

hilltopper said...

i dont know what the grand prize is.

Kelly said...

I know you will make it into the grand prize drawing. :)
Does reading blogs count? ;) Hey don't laugh, I think sometimes my posts qualify as a small novel. :)

The movie UP, was pretty good. We enjoyed it. A little sad starting out, but worth it.
Bonus: we saw it @ the drive in! :) Movies are better there ya know!!! :)

amber said...

I want to see the movie UP, but haven't yet.

I hate doing laundry!!

DailyNewsie said...

We saw UP at the drive-in as well, and it was wonderful except for the people in front of us who insisted upon climbing on top of their car, then laying down and kicking their feet all around. I cried an awful lot, but that's apparently what I do nowadays.

Anvilaniaaaaaa ....