Saturday, June 13, 2009

street fair

last night we enjoyed the bicentennial street fair. 
first stop upon arriving was the ticket booth. most of the kiddie games were a buck each, one ticket.

then we spotted my man, working hard, as always.
next stop, dinner. hey, we had support our home church, and since they were selling strawberry shortcake, thats what we were eating, it rocked.
one booth was giving away slap bracelets as prizes, The Boy loves it, its the only thing he won that hasnt already broke.
dessert. the red sno-kone is mine, the cotton candy, his.


Kelly said...

looks like lots of fun!!!

Holly said...

Looks like a blast! I love street fairs!

diana said...

dominic has a strange love for tickets. i think i will send him a ticket to baka's for his b-day:)

Jessica said...

This looks like such fun! I wish we had stuff like this around here...