Thursday, October 23, 2008

super value

kreativeblogaward.jpgfor this award i would like to thank Amanda.

the fun of this award is this, you list 6 things you value, 6 things you dont and pass it on to 6 friends (which i obviously dont have because only 2 people have entered my giveaway, and one was amanda c'mon people, youre hurtin me! its free to enter!)

things i value:
1. biblical advice
2. my personal relationships (Jesus, family, friends) 
3. my moms opinion
4. my health
5. solitude (can i get an amen)
6. modern conveniences (hot water tops my list, you?)

 things i dont value
1. celebrity gossip, seriously am i the only person who could not care less, i have my own life to deal with.
2. grape flavored stuff, it reminds me of dimetap, ewwww!
3. undisciplined children.
4. non words (irregardless, not a word)
5. name brands
6. steak and shake, they have the worst fries EVER! nasty!

pass it on:
Kelly, because she has done this fun fall picture thing where every day of october she posts a fall picture, pretty cool.
Diana, i have to give it to her, shes my mom, i value her opinion, dontcha know.
well, id say Ms. Math but amanda already awarded her.
how about Tricia, shes a quirky bird. 
Heather, definately award worthy
Liz, and have you seen her following, she could start Mabels community living compound ,oh, or mabelsburg,  i would totally move there.

i also want to mention that im glad we dont have to dress up to receive our bloggies (equal to an oscar or an emmy in my book) because i would be a sad sight tonite in my PJs and old man slippers (hey its cold up here).


Kelly said...

Aww thanks Monica!!!
You should so stop by and see us if you have the time. How exciting. I wonder if I know what he is speaking to Ron about. Hmmm...could it be???

Ms. Math said...

Thanks for the award! If I accept it from you and Amanda, does that mean I have to do the 6 things twice? :)

Ms. Math said...

P.S. I have an award for you now!