Thursday, October 16, 2008

field trip to the farm

the webbers invited us out to the farm for a tractor ride this afternoon, so while D was getting his tractor ride, i roamed around and snapped some pictures and kicked back on the porch. 
cant be a farm without cows.
she was apparently the boss and seemed very suspicious of my presence. i suppose the are not accustomed to having their picture taken.
we fed ducks, ate fresh spinach, re-penned a calf that had gotten loose, saw some vultures and some hawks, and discussed farmy things like how to rotate crops and such.
and of course by the end of our field trip, The Boy thought he had enough training to help out on the farm. 


kubota excavator said...

thats amazing story.

track loader said...

very cool.

hilltopper said...

funny isnt it? im going to go ahead and assume that by posting tractors i got on some "search" results list so i want to apologize if this isnt exactly what you were looking for.sorry, and is it wierd to comment on your own blog?

hilltopper said...

ok the search words have been determined its "tractor ride"

Ms. Math said...

Oh, I bet your little guy had tons of fun - sounds like a great day! Is it weird of me to think that cows are cute?

Leslie said...

well, there ya go....if that library job doesn't work out, you can send him to work on the farm! I'm sure they could use a few extra hands! :D