Friday, October 3, 2008

He is workin!

God is workin ! this morning D and i got out and went to the JayCee store all the way downtown (not that its sooooo far but i usually grocery shop on the hilltop) they lured me there with dollar peanut butter and jelly. we got down there and there was NO MORE left and since its the like super generic (we are talking white label with black and red letters) brand not just the store brand i dont feel like i should price match it at walmart. i know those pesky convictions are getting in th way of my cheap peanut butter but i dont want be standing there in front of Jesus and he looks at his clip board and says,"oh, i see here on october 3, you tricked the cashier at walmart into giving you peanut butter for a dollar when you knew it wasnt the same peanut butter" like i want to throw away my inheritance for .79
ok totally rambling here...back to real story
so we are searching for just 1 lone jar hidden somehow way in the back, and no luck but when i start walking down the aisle theres this completely frazzled looking lady carrying, in her arms ,
a bag of onions
2lbs of hamburger
2 cans of fruit
a loaf of bread
and a box of something
she drops the onions and the fruit and i just picked them up, and i dont really know why but in that instant  i was so happy to pick them up for and D check out a couple more deals and buy nothing. 
  it occurred to me when we were leaving that i wasnt there to buy peanut butter but to interact with that lady in a positive way. God is good.
oh and icing on the cake i didnt realize until i saw my reflection in my car window that in wearing my  "love thy neighbor" tee shirt


Kelly said...

isn't it amazing how sometimes we do not realize until after the fact why we were at a certain place at a certain time?

there was a reason you wore that shirt today.

you can check off your list for your good deed done for today, but it is always good to try and squeeze a few extras in there.

diana said...

what a great story and a reminder childern learn hat they see.

diana said...

i ment what not hat

Ms. Math said...

What an awesome story! Great t-shirt!