Saturday, June 14, 2008

my super enviable find

i was laughed at on sunday, by a friend who shall remain nameless (rhymes with leslie) for my unbridled excitement over the ten dollar lawn chair, well check it out now! who rocks? i didnt spend another penny, the paint was in the garage already when i bought the house and the fabric is leftover from my bedroom curtains. so laugh at that!
 well i hope she knows i love her anyway and its good to have friends that can take it. you know i will make her sit in it if she comes over.


Anonymous said...

does the porch rug match the chair OR DO THE CHAIR MATCH THE PORCH RUG? UMMMM. MMM

Leslie said...

LOL! It looks fab, M! I will never laugh at you again....hehehehehe

Amanda Jo said...

Ooohh...great find! I'm also an antiquer/garage saler/junker and I can certainly appreciate this find and fix up! You did a great job! I love the monogram!

When can I pick it up...cause I think it wants to live with me?!