Sunday, June 1, 2008

my weekend

we started out our weekend by going to the farmers market where i was counting on some Paradise Cove Catering biscuits and gravy but they had a wedding this weekend so :( no biscuits and gravy but i got these yummy strawberries and also some snap peas and some green onions, there was also a guy there that was selling baby ducks,  so me and D took a gander (that puns for you ken).
D played with some sidewalk chalk on the driveway " mommy, i maked a seahorse!"
and i rescued these teeny little red maple shoots from certain death at Ds hands as they had rooted themselves in the little dirt patch where he likes to dig and play excavation site there were about ten baby trees total that i re planted so if you want one of my tree's babies id be glad to give you one.if they live that long in my care, i guess i better go water them.

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Leslie said...

mmmmm...fresh strawberries...mmmmm :)