Friday, March 2, 2012

some things (8 to be exact)

1. a picture of my baby. to placate all the grandmas, especially the ones who say "i havent seen a new picture of Miles in a week"

2.i just gave in to the peer pressure and started watching Downton Abbey, for 5 minutes until Miles needed attention and i missed 10 minutes before turning it off to be resumed at a later naptime.

3. my dryer has a terrible squeak, its like banshees living in my laundry makes me not want to dry clothes.

4. our Sonic is closed for "remodeling" its been a really long time and i never see anyone working on it, i hope its not closed forever. i would consider moving to a place that had a Sonic.

5. im loving the new sale calendar they have at JC Penneys, the first and third friday of the month they put out all the lowest priced clearance items... boys jeans, 2 bucks!!

6. im hoping that Dominic is over The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything movie, he has watched it every day for the last week...its getting a little old.

7. im considering having a garage sale this spring. i have never had one before i normally just give my stuff away.

8. im trying to give up soda...its not going so well. i love Dr. Pepper.

1 comment:

Marci said...

Your dryer has a loose belt or a dried out one, check the back panel--it may have just slipped. Mine did that for years in my basement I can't imagine if it was in my living quarters.

Miles needs a little squee time with me soon!

And I got hooked on Downton in Jan. and meant to record the new season on PBS but forgot and am not anxiously awaiting the posting on Netflix of season2 (discs came out in feb, who knows when Netflix will get it)!