Monday, July 21, 2008

we have been so busy since thursday you wouldnt even believe it. we took these pics on thursday at circle monument in indianapolis, then after an hour or so of fun dragged the boy off to see daddys new school where he was forced to endure an hour and a half of shushing and being grabbed by the arm and made to walk,not run down the hall to the potty. 
he did do his very best to follow directions though and although he was threatened with a swat when he started getting an attitude (yep, folks i swat my kid on the bottom when he needs it) he straightened up and it didnt have to come to that.then daddy went to sit in on a class and then came the exciting part we got to walk around k-mart for and hour. fun stuff, actually i love looking at all the martha inspired stuff they carry. the boy was enamored with a reclining foldable lawn chair (why do i even buy toys?) and fussed when it was time to pick up daddy, but  he was hungry and the promise of lemonade and a tortilla (?) got him moving.
friday, i went and got a Ds teen babysitter and spent the day running errands. saturday, i dont even know where that went!  but i baked zuchini bread and then yesterday, it was time to tackle the laundry mountain, scrape the remaining wallpaper off the bathroom walls (thanks honey) and go to a kids first birthday party (hey at least they fed us) so crazy weekend! oh and i forgot went to biglots and found a rug that i loved, it matched nothing in my house but it would match liz's  curtains perfectly. 

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