Saturday, July 5, 2008

my vacation top 10

train station ticket window sign

train station upstairs window

waiting our turn

#10 peaches from the callis orchard fruit stand at the side of the road in bedford kentucky.
#9 off season sweater sale at old navy where i got 3 sweaters for less than 15 bucks.(b.g.,ky)
#8 veggie panini at cosmos in bowling green kentucky.
#7 tri-onimos with the bro and sis in law(b.g.,ky)
#6 havarti cheese (if youve never tried it i highly recommend it)(b.g.,ky)
#5 happy birthday text messages i got about 5 even Ds teen babysitter remembered my birthday.(b.g.,ky)
#4 zoo rides, the boat ride, the train ride and the carousel. (the pic is the kids waiting for the carousel)(columbus, oh)
#3 l&n railroad museum, bowling green kentucky pretty neat-o check it out if youre in the area you get a tour of a restored passenger train including the micro mini bathrooms on board.
#2 marci's pizza bake i will get you the recipe.(columbus)
and the #1 spot belongs to 
sleeping snuggled next to a certain almost 3 year old boy who ALWAYS sleeps in his own bed at home. thats one vacation memory you could never capture with a picture.(both destinations)
first runner up is the japanese restaurant we went to for my birthday but it got kicked out of the running because the fire scared the daylights out of the boy.(b.g.,ky)
second runner up is dinosaur world which was pretty darn cool but we didnt get to share it with friends or family.(ky)


Liz said...

Sounds fantastic to me! I love the train station window picture!

Amanda Jo said...

Wow, it looks like you had a GREAT weekend!!! Love all the pics!

Amanda Jo said...

Oh and the fact that you called your cat Fatty made me laugh out loud! I'll have your answer on Thursday.