Sunday, July 13, 2008

my uber fat cat

well, here he is, his name is sam, but you can just call him fatty. this post is in response to amanda's proposal that i put a wig on my cat so folks wouldnt notice his girth.
im sure hes asking for food here
D wrestling him down for the wig fitting, JK, hes actually hugging him, fatty looks as thrilled as if we had been trying to fit him for a wig.
hmmm... is this edible, nope smells like megablocks, dang.


tricia said...

We had a cat and he weighed 23 lbs. Once you neuter them, the poor boys only have food to live for:)

Liz said...

He's not fat! He's full-figured! :) Mabel is a fairly robust girl herself.

Amanda Jo said...

I'm with Liz, he's not fat, just big boned! That's my excuse anyway. LOL!

I think he's a very cute chubby guy. I love the fact that you call him Fatty, it makes me laugh.

Marci said...

niiiiiice kitty loaf
goooooood kitty loaf