Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my treasure

this evening i had a bag of stuff to take to goodwill so while the boys did story time at the library i set off to rid myself of the space hogging bag thet i have had ready to go for weeks. of course i had to stop in goodwill and see what i could see. there were the odd things that you only see at goodwill or a like thrift shop,todays winner of the oddball award is granny panties being gripped by one of those two clip pants hangers and hanging on an endcap. when i started loooking around the store i found what could only be and old ladys entire house full of belongings scattered about the store i didnt much care for her taste in decor but i found a couple of things i could use. in the hour or so i looked through her stuff i formed a picture of what this lady was like, and got a little sad that she was probably no longer walking this earth.
she loved to travel! we are talking trinkets brought back from all over the u.s., in colorado she got a foot shaped ash tray with some catchy saying that i cant remember, at the space needle a plate, and in florida a little tin tray with oranges painted on it. they were selling the whole lot of her vacation slides and slide projector for 20 bucks.
she was tall, size 10 shoes led me to this conclusion. she wore glasses, there were several pairs of the same type of style. and she loved the Lord this i know, there were many decorative plaques all in the same style with the 23 psalm and the ten commandments, crosses and of course footprints. 
i bought a little leather coin purse that may have been hers its my ipod shuffle's new home and also a teal green (her favorite color from what i can gather) metal magazine holder. there was alot more stuff namely vintage furniture and a couple of metal cabinets that i would have loved to drag home but i couldnt think of where i would put them so theyre still at goodwill.so fellow christians, lets all give thanks and praise that we will get to meet this lady when the day comes and if you want a really neat-o step end table i know where you can get one.


tricia said...

I always wonder about the history and ownership of the treasures I find. And I'm giving you a big gold star to wear, for taking your things to Goodwill :)

Amanda Jo said...

I'm with Tricia, I always wonder about a pieces original owner.

Oh, and your lady can be short. One of my secrets is that I am 5'2" tall and wear a 9 and 1/2. I'm not exactly proud of my boats but, hey, at least I have feet.

By the way, I thought I would let you know how much I enjoy your blog so I hooked you up with a little blog award - come by and check it out! Keep up the good work!!

Dawn Gahan said...

What a sweet post. The little change purse is darling. It looks like a mini version of one of those Bermuda Bags; I remember having one with about 20 different covers to button on. Nice memories.


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

How special to know a bit about the history of things you find!

Thanks for coming by my blog! Nice to meet you!


Marci said...

My grandmother always told me that we women with larger than average feet "just have a good understanding". Awesome finds on the change purse!