Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my favorite thing

ask me. what is your favorite thing about summer? go ahead ask.
i could say warm evenings sitting out on the porch listening to the crickets. 
i could say cool lemonade.
i could say festivals and road trips.
i like all these things but what i am going to say is i dont have to wear socks! me and socks have a love/ hate relationship, i love them because the keep my feet all warm and toasty, but i hate that stinkin' seam! and also if youre not planning to wear socks you can reclaim at least 2 minutes that you would have spent looking for a matched pair.
so, everyone out there, whats your favorite thing about summer?


Anonymous said...

you gotta wear socks inside out and that WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR SEAM problem. my favorite thing about summer is that it's not winter mmm

tricia said...

I love that it rains here every afternoon in the summer.

Marci said...

You know what I do with socks that are behaving badly? I sew them into stupid sock creatures...or at least I have a pile for that purpose.

My fav. thing about summer is being able to go outside when requested by my DD. She has recently taken to helping me water the flowers and drink out of the much for teaching her to use a cup!

Ms. Math said...

My favorite thing about summer is the mornings and the peace I feel. The calm air, the dew on the grass, the birds chirping. It's an enchanting time of day.

Thank you for your banana muffin recipe. Unfortunately, I failed at my attempt. There's always next time!